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The Challenge

Understanding Your Domain's Value

Estimating the value of your domain names often feels like a guessing game. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the domain marketplace and don’t have the time or resources to correctly research domain value.

Like many domain investors and entrepreneurs, you probably regret letting go of valuable domains. You've probably also been holding on to domains with no value - just wasting money yearly on renewal fees.

Let's Make it Better

HumbleWorth Can Help You

Powered by advanced AI algorithms and big data, HumbleWorth gives unmatched estimation accuracy.

You can use HumbleWorth to estimate the value of every domain name in your portfolio - up to 2,000 at a time.

With HumbleWorth, you’ll know exactly which domains to keep, which ones to drop, and which ones to buy.

When it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to negotiate confidently, knowing exactly what your domain is worth.

Powered By Data

Powered By Data

We're using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze gigabytes of domain data.

Always Free

Always Free

We're committed to keeping HumbleWorth completely free. This is a tool we use for our own investing.

Batch Estimates

Batch Estimates

Paste up to 2,000 domains, and we'll valuate them all at once. Valuate your entire portfolio in minutes.

Estimation Ranges

Estimation Ranges

Rather than a single estimate with no context, we provide you with a range and probabilities.

Domain Valuation Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

We use multiple sources of ever-evolving data to create our domain valuation model. The result is a highly accurate, highly efficient model that we can provide to you, free of charge.


Auction Prices

At the core of our model is an extensive bank of auction data from over 3 million domains reaching back over the last 20+ years.


Internet-Scale Language Model

We incorporate a model trained on gigabytes of written content from the Internet to understand how domain names are used.


Registered Domain Analysis

We analyze registered domain name data, including TLDs, length, language, registerability, and which domains tend to drop.


Search Engine Data

Analyzing search engine data gives us an idea of the relative popularity of words and helps us understand which domains are good or bad.

Unlock Your Investment's Value

Free, Unlimited Bulk Estimates

Every intelligent investor should know the actual value of their investments. You can accomplish this with HumbleWorth by automatically evaluating your entire domain portfolio. You get free, unlimited bulk estimates of up to 2,000 domains at a time.

HumbleWorth will help you unlock the value of your domain investments. Regardless of whether you're an experienced domain investor or just starting out.

Bulk estimates will help you quickly sort your domains into three buckets: keep, drop, and sell.

Free unlimited domain price estimates
Attention Domain Investors

Discover Premium Dropped Domains Daily

Looking to diversify and strengthen your domain portfolio? Our cutting-edge AI analyzes and curates a daily updated list of valuable dropped domains, handpicked just for you. We update this list every 24 hours, so it's always fresh. With real-time availability checks, you can instantly see which domains are still up for grabs.